A Song of Celestial Pairings

There are three celestial pairings this week that are worth knowing about, and even though we might not see all of them, this is The Storyteller’s Night Sky, so we can live into these events out of our vibrant imaginations.

The first pairing happens on Monday, March 27th, when Mercury joins Jupiter low over the western horizon after sunset. In ancient cultures, sacred sacrifice was made to Jupiter, as king of the gods, and it was Mercury that brought the messages back from the divine, about whether the offering was welcomed and received.

Next up, the waxing Moon passes by Mars, overnight Monday to Tuesday, the 27th to 28th. This is an interesting encounter, given that the Moon is related, astrologically speaking, to the feeling life, while Mars is all about action, and especially the kind that isn’t inhibited by what things feel like.

And finally, at least in the storyteller’s peek into the week, on Wednesday, March 29th, Venus comes into nearly the same degree of zodiac as the planet Uranus. Venus is all about love and beauty and even the longings for this that we carry in our hearts; Uranus is about dynamic change ~ so this one seems like an electrifying herald of the Spring!

I’ve recently been listening to Emmy Lou Harris, and I can’t help but think that the refrain from her song “Get Up John” really fits this week’s star picture, when she sings: You’ve been chosen, that’s Jupiter and Mercury on Monday, as though the divine brings a message to us out of our winter striving; and then Go unafraid. If ever there was a statement from Mars to the feeling life, that’s it; and finally I’ll go with you. What better promise for Venus and the longing heart than to know the lively Uranian companionship of the beloved?

You’ve been chosen, go unafraid, I’ll go with you!


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Cover image from Sky&Telescope.