All That’s Hidden ~ A SKY Webinar with Mary Stewart Adams February 20, 2020

On February 24, 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued the inter gravissimas, thereby reforming centuries of time keeping relative to the cosmos by abolishing the Julian calendar, removing ten days from October that year, and reinvigorating the observance of New Year’s Day as the ‘octave’ of Christmas. It took nearly four centuries for the Gregorian Calendar to become the dominant civic calendar, with no small amount of rioting along the way. In the same decade of the early 20th century that this calendar became universally accepted, Rudolf Steiner introduced the Calendar of the Soul, to re-enliven our engagement with the Year as a Being. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Leap Days and Calendar Mysteries
  • Blue, Black, Dark, and Super Moons
  • The Culminating Venus Pentagram
  • The Metonic Rhythm for 2020, particularly in relation to the biography of Rudolf Steiner

When: February 20, 2020

Where: Online at gotomeeting (invite sent once you register; webinar recorded for later viewing, in the event you cannot attend live)

Time: 7 – 8 pm est

Registration is by suggested donation $15, at the donate button on the Storyteller’s Night Sky homepage, bottom right, which then generates the invitation to join the webinar. The link takes you to the donate button here on my Storyteller’s Night Sky website.