Anatomy of an Eclipse ~ A Star Knowledge Intensive with Mary Stewart Adams


In 2019 I will launch a series of Star Knowledge Intensives, to restore the mythic grandeur of knowing the stars! The first intensive is coming up, and I have availability for a few willing participants to try this on with me ($20 fee):

Anatomy of an Eclipse

To assuage the super-sensation stirred by rhythmic celestial phenomena and restore a sense of knowing ourselves as Cosmo Sapiens.

Intensive includes 3 weekly emails (January 7, 13, and 20, 2019); conference call with live Q&A; timing of phenomenon; viewing guidance from here to there; cultural/historical context; story references; additional personalization through one’s own biography, by request.

Sound good? You must email at to join (commenting on this post is terrific, but not enough to get you included:)

Here we go!

Mary Stewart Adams

Star Lore Historian