Beyond the Telescope ~ National Park Service Webinar by Mary Stewart Adams

Recently I had the opportunity to present to the Night Sky Network of the National Park Service on my humanities-based approach to teaching about the night sky.  The park service has made the recording available at the link below, which leads you to a registration page (no fee) for accessing.

I began the presentation with the medievalists and their striving through the Seven Liberal Arts as a context within which to understand the paramount role of the poets and the humanities as a valid means for accessing the great cosmic mysteries.

I am deeply grateful for Kathryn Nuessly and Frank Turina for inviting me to present this work, and I look forward to your comments and feedback!

Here is the link: Beyond the Telescope with Mary Stewart Adams for the NPS Night Sky Network.


The more abundantly the harmony of the cosmos fills the soul, the peace and harmony there will be on the earth. ~Rudolf Steiner

Image of Orion through the Northern Michigan woods by John Hill Photography