Can We Speak With the Stars?

It’s really fascinating in ancient and esoteric science that the planet Mars is given dominion over the human being’s capacity for speaking, although it’s a speaking without thinking. Going further into the cosmic mystery of man, it is the region of Taurus stars that governs the larynx in the human form.

So Mars is connected to the capacity for speech, while Taurus is connected to the organ for speech.

Since late summer, Mars has been moving back and forth through the region of Taurus. And what’s more! The Comet ZTF, which recently swept by the Earth, is now quickly exiting our planetary system, but not before it passes by Mars in this region of Taurus, the region that Ernest Hemingway described as the terrain of the bull. As a writer, he knew the power of the word, especially when it’s seeing red and aiming at its target.

So can any of this really have anything to do with us? Are comets and planets and stars merely masses of elements, speeding along within range of our telescopes? Or are they starry messengers, which in the case of Mars, Taurus, and the comet, suggests that this week, we ought to pay close attention to our speaking. I mean, what can it hurt to be mindful of our words?

There’s a contemplative practice that aligns to this season of the year, a practice of discretion and reticence. So for the storyteller’s night sky the message is clear! Once upon a time in our own beginnings, as children even, we found our words, and through our words, we learned to create, for good or ill.

Mars can be seen every clear night overhead in the region of Taurus, which is just past the zenith. The comet will whiz by this red warrior of our words on Friday and Saturday, February 10 and 11.

In closing, with Emily Dickinson: “…for what are stars, but asterisks to point a human life?”


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Cover image from BBC Sky at Night Magazine