Epic Love in the Stars for 2019

At this great division of time between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, it’s comforting to know that from one year to the next, there will always be eclipses and meteor showers, and, of course, Mercury will make its several confounding retrogrades. But even with all this predictability, one year differs from the next pretty dramatically in the course of human history, so the trick is to find the unfolding narrative.

There are several things to know in order to find the story in the stars this year, 

but for starters, note that Old Father Time Saturn is in the same region of sky as the Sun this first week of the New Year, which suggests that everything old is new again! 

Also these first few mornings, the waning crescent Moon will sweep past Venus, goddess of love and beauty, and Jupiter, lord of the future, right near the star Antares, which marks the threshold of the Scorpion underworld (see Sky&Telescope image above).

So the New Year starts with the imagination that what is past (Saturn) is refashioned by love (Venus), in order to set us all up for a happily ever after (Jupiter)! 

Later in the Spring, the festivals of renewal (the Passover, Easter) will happen coincident with the Lyrid Meteor Shower, on April 21st, so all of this points to an opportunity to reimagine the myth of Orpheus and his twice-lost beloved Eurydice. She dies too soon after their wedding, so Orpheus uses the music of his lyre (from which the constellation Lyra, and the meteor shower, get their names) to charm his way into the underworld and convince the god and goddess there to allow her to return. They agree, but on one condition: That he not look back. For centuries, poets and lovers have lamented the fact that Orpheus broke his promise and lost his beloved, but this year the stars seem to indicate a rare opportunity to re-imagine this lost love.

So as you look ahead in your New Year, draw on the wisdom of Orpheus’ tale and don’t get tricked into looking back. Not looking back doesn’t mean “forgetting”, it means to not keep thinking that history repeats itself!

With all good things in this New Year of Love,


But are not all Facts Dreams as soon as we put them behind us ~emily dickinson

Additional celestial phenomena that I am watching that will articulate the mood of the New Year:

Total Lunar Eclipse January 20-21, 2019

Full Moon at Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2019

Peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower at Easter and during the Passover observance, April 21, 2019

A True Blue Moon (3rd Full Moon in a season when there are 4 Full Moons), May 18, 2019

Summer’s Full Moon at Feast of Divine Feminine, August 15, 2019

Mercury, escort of souls (including Eurydice) transits the Sun on 11 November, 2019, an event that happens only 13 times a century!

If you seek to know your own story in the stars, message me and we can set up a private consult at mary@storytellersnightsky.com