The Storyteller's Night Sky

by Mary Stewart Adams

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Building Narrative out of the Great Conjunction

December 19, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


In this presentation, Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams will share a narrative picture of the Winter Solstice Great Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn as it can be understood through the rhythm of “five.” Why five? As witnessed in the active, engaged, striding forward of the Representative of Humanity, and as it is geometrically expressed in the dodecahedral form of the Foundation Stone of the Goetheanum, five also lends its rhythm to the Foundation Stone Meditation, to the epoch of time in which we find ourselves as described through Anthroposophy, and is expressed in 2020 through the culmination of five Venus circuits since its rare Transit of the Sun eight years ago.

Mary will use the rhythm of five for engaging the celestial phenomenon under consideration as a way to elevate the narrative from our mundane experience into the mystery of what is essential and yet unseen, especially as it can be imagined through the festival cycle from Christmas 2020 to Christmas 2023.

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Mary Stewart Adams is a Star Lore Historian, and host of the weekly public radio program and podcast “The Storyteller’s Night Sky”. As a member of the School for Spiritual Science, and out of her education in literature and mythology, Mary has developed a unique mission to safeguard the human imagination by protecting our access to the night sky and its stories. In her work as a global advocate for naturally dark skies, Mary led the team that established the 9th International Dark Sky Park in the world in 2011, which later led to the State of Michigan protecting 35,000 acres of land for its natural darkness. Mary makes her home along the northern shores of Lake Michigan.


December 19, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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Mathematics and Astronomy Section
Goetheanum Switzerland