The Storyteller's Night Sky

by Mary Stewart Adams

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The Storyteller’s Night Sky on IPR ~ Why is Hercules Upside Down?

April 30, 2018

Did you  know you can tune in online every Monday morning at 6:30 and 8:30 am and hear my weekly radio segment on Interlochen Public Radio? Follow this link for the text and scroll down for audio, and come back every week, because the stars are always telling us a story!

by Seamus Heaney
When I lie on the ground
I rise flushed as a rose in the morning.
In fights I arrange a fall on the ring
To rub myself with sand
That is operative
As an elixir. I cannot be weaned
Off the earth’s long contour, her river-veins.
Down here in my cave
Girded with root and rock
I am cradled in the dark that wombed me
And nurtured in every artery
Like a small hillock.
Let each new hero come
Seeking the golden apples and Atlas:
He must wrestle with me before he pass
Into that realm of fame
AMong sky-born and royal.
He may well throw me and renew my birth
But let him not plan, lifting me off the earth,
My elevation, my fall.