From Wisdom to Love in the Evening Twilight

In esoteric tradition, the mission of evolution is described as a development of the Earth from a planet of wisdom to a planet of love, a sublime process that doesn’t happen to us as a humanity, but happens through us, as beings involved in Earth’s becoming.

So consider, Earth orbits the Sun with Venus on one side, and Mars on the other. When these two planets come together in our sky, like they will this week (July 11-16, 2021), it’s like a moment in the cycle when the active principle of Mars infuses the love principle of Venus with forces for further realization. At such a moment, Venus becomes what Thomas à Kempis described as a “living flame, forcing itself upwards and securely passing through all.”

After their meeting this week, Venus and Mars part ways, with Venus leading on toward Regulus, in Leo, where that star is positioned as the guardian of the temple of sacred mysteries. By the end of the year, Venus will have moved all the way into Sagittarius, all as our evening star, which means the planet of love and beauty takes the energy of Mars this week, and then passes through the temple gateway of Leo, then into the chambers of abundance with Virgo, which must be balanced in Libra, so these gifts can make it across the threshold of Scorpio.

Scorpio is always associated with underworld, not necessarily an easy place for the goddess of love and beauty, but once Venus crosses this threshold, the planet slips into Sagittarius, to end the year readying for retrograde conference with the Sun about the whole process.

When you go out to see Venus and Mars in the evening twilight this week, consider these words of 13th century mystic poet Rumi: “Love is the bridge between you and everything.”

See you in the evening twilight!


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Image above from Sky&Telescope.