Front Range Anthroposophical Café presents Mary Stewart Adams: “Conceiving the New Year at St. John’s Tide”

Through his contemplation of the Year as a Being, Karl König arrived at the sense that the new year is conceived in the sacred season of St. John’s, when the Sun has reached its highest hour in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth has come to the pause at its full out-breath, and the celestial world can witness and fructify what human beings offer up as blossom. The feast and festival days that follow on the St. John’s Tide, especially as they are articulated through the “Calendar of the Soul,” further reveal this mystery, which is also informed anew each year by the ever-changing star pictures of the seasons.
In this session, Mary Stewart Adams will lead us through consideration of this mystery, in the context of the dynamic aspects happening between the planets overhead just now and throughout the remaining course of the year.
Friday, June 26, 2020
Online, beginning at 7 pm Mountain Time
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Each Cafe session is 90 minutes and will follow the following format:

  • Welcome/candle-lighting and verse
  • Speaker presentation (30 minutes) on a topic that inspires thoughtful discussion
  • Small, breakout room discussion for 15 minutes or so
  • Return to the main room for sharing of group reflections
  • Q and A with our speaker
  • Speaker’s closing thoughts
  • Closing verse and candle snuffing

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