Let the Story of the Year Begin

In the sidereal zodiac, the Sun has just arrived among the stars of Aquarius, the Waterman, and at this point in the cycle of the season, a deep thaw begins far below the surface of the Earth, where life forces are freed from their frozen state, and they begin to stir towards wakefulness.

This season is the beginning of a fairy tale, the “once upon a time” that finds all true heroes ready to journey, they know not where. And so are we, as a humanity at this point in the cycle of the year, poised at the brink of the new that is about to unfold with all its mystery and majesty.

And as in all classical fairy tales, there will be a moment when we arrive at the castle, the doors will swing open, and the tests will begin, to see if we can distinguish between truth and error. But that moment comes with the first Full Moon of the Spring, in mid-April.

For now, we’re at the beginning of the tale, when we have to choose our path ~ knowing there will be periods of trial and probation that cannot be shortened at will.

We can look to the stars to discern the significance of such moments, and this year, at the outset of the fairy tale, Venus is morning star, escorted by her beloved Mars. The Moon will join them next week and then, as the 18th century German mystic poet Novalis wrote in his great fairy tale: “Soon will the noble stranger come, and Time his endless reign begin.” Time is always related to Saturn, who joins Venus and Mars in the morning sky in March, to test their regard for one another; and then comes Jupiter, in April, bearing bounty.

So choose your tale now, knowing that now is not the season for predicting outcomes, but for going boldly forth, whether there be dragons, despair, or beauty, for as sure as the stars do shine, there will always be a happily ever after.

Joyfully with you in the mystery,


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Image of Venus and Mars with Moon from Sky&Telescope.