Mercury Then and Now

I was recently asked to give a presentation for the Front Range Anthroposophical Café on my current research, which, as an anthroposophist, has been focused on the First Goetheanum, and how to build an inner sense of that sacred structure, given that New Year’s Eve 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of its destruction by fire. Here is a link to that talk, shared with my gratitude to the community that supports this work: Mercury Then and Now.

From the initial description of the October talk: At the laying of the Foundation Stone in September 1913, Rudolf Steiner noted the unique position of astronomical Mercury, which stood “in the balance.” During this talk, Mary Stewart Adams shared a picture of what Mercury is doing now, as we approach the centennial observance of the fire that destroyed the first Goetheanum on New Year’s Eve, 1922-23.

Note that I will give another presentation to the Café on Friday, December 16 regarding the verse “Stars Spoke Once to Man” which is also in its 100th year this year at Christmas, 2022.