Misty Lyn Bergeron’s 52 Portrait Project 2018: Inspiring Women

Friends of The Storyteller’s Night Sky,

I recently had the honor of being featured in Misty Lyn Bergeron’s “52 Portrait Project for 2018”, and I’m honored to be included here with some pretty amazing women from around Michigan. Misty herself is an amazing and talented woman, as photographer, musician, and seeker.   I’m pleased to share here Misty’s portrait of my work as a Star Lore Historian.

Misty writes:

“Hey Friends! Another episode of my podcast featuring the stories of inspiring women is up! This one really touched my heart and helped me find a new way to view a difficult situation.

52 Portraits 16: Mary Stewart Adams – Mary has the magical title of star lore historian, “safeguarding the human imagination by protecting our access to the night sky and it’s stories.” She is perhaps best known for founding the 9th International Dark Sky Park in the world in Emmet County Michigan in 2011. In this podcast Mary offers us a wealth of poetic knowledge of the night sky, what it stirs in us, and what it can tell us about ourselves as human beings. She shares about her spiritual path as an anthroposophist and about her personal contact with the spiritual world. What has stayed with me most is her insistence that we as human beings need to “ennoble the sense of self as opposed to diminishing the sense of self.” She suggests that we ask ourselves, “Is the thing that I’m hearing – is the language that’s being used affirming or diminishing me as a human being? Is my language affirming or diminishing the ‘other’?”. And when discussing the problem of being uncomfortable with where we are in life, she says “we need to love and trust and respect the fact that we need to be right where we are.”

This one is so full of wisdom and imagination and evokes a trust in, as Rudolf Steiner says and Mary references, the “ever present help of the spiritual world.” Click here to enjoy!”