Moon at Dawn, Venus at Dusk

There’s a discernible pulse, like a heartbeat, sounding out in the star picture this week, culminating Sunday, August 5th, when the Moon meets the star Regulus at dawn, and Venus meets the star Spica at dusk.

This week the Moon will be seen as a waning crescent in the morning sky, slipping through its final phases like Cinderella slipping out of her golden gown after the ball. And like the Grimm’s Cinderella, who passes by the grave of her mother on her way home, the Moon doesn’t just slip solo through the sky, but stays to greet the star Regulus before passing on into New Phase next week.

Regulus is the star the marks the heart of the lion, and when the Moon is near this star, astrologers say it is a time when there is leadership that comes naturally from love and devotion, in the mood of Cinderella, rather than by power and authority, like her ugly stepsisters.

Looking into the evening sky, another beautiful scene is taking place, where the planet Venus, goddess of love and beauty, will be seen approaching the star Spica, the star of abundance held in the arms of Virgo, the goddess of the harvest. With Venus near this star, the astrological interpretation points toward getting one’s needs met, of drawing people toward oneself that have the gifts that are needed.

So this is the pulse that is building through the week, of benevolent leadership sounding through the dawn, looking east toward Moon and Regulus about 40 minutes before sunrise, and of having the resources one needs to meet this time, looking west toward Venus and Spica about 40 minutes after sunset.

As fitting contemplation, here’s Albert Schweitzer who died this week in 1965: “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.


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Image from Sky&Telescope.