Saturn in the Personal Biography

Anybody up for a little review of Saturn in the personal biography? In astrological tradition, Saturn indicates how history conditions us for future development ~ it is all things past, and the responsibilities that come with where we have been.

In nine months, Saturn will come to its once-every-20 years Great Conjunction with Jupiter (all things future-oriented), but because it will make its annual retrograde loop before then, the ringed giant will cross over the Great Conjunction point two times, as though by anticipation.

So here are some dates to review and anticipate in your life, to find out if Saturn is involved in what you’ve got going on! You can get more of this info from my webinar “Understanding the Seasonal Star Picture” at this link (by donation).

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The more abundantly the harmony of the cosmos fills the soul, the more peace and harmony there will be on the earth. ~Rudolf Steiner