SKY Series I ~ The Planetary Line Up of January 2020

The SKY webinar series (Star Knowledge for the Year) is presented each month by Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams. Participation is by donation, and a recording of each session is made available immediately following the live event for participants, and in the weeks following here on the Storyteller’s Night Sky website.

The first webinar in the 2020 series “The Planetary Line Up of January 2020” is now available by donation at this link. The link sends you over to my Paypal donation portal. Once you make your gift, I am notified, and can send along the link to the recording.

January 10-13, 2020, brought an unusual line up of planets involving Mercury, Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto that many feel is a hallmark for what 2020, and the ensuing decade, will be about. How can we understand such phenomena in our personal lives, in the larger rhythms of human biography, and in their historical context?

Upcoming SKY Webinars include:

February 2020

The Year as a Being and the Hidden Places in the Calendar (in honor of Leap Year!)

March 2020

Annunciations and the Planetary Gestures at Spring Equinox

April 2020

Vernal Full Moon and the Moveable Feasts as a Ceremony of the Stars in the Year

As a Star Lore Historian, my work is informed by a lifetime studying the stars through the insights gleaned from the spiritual science known as Anthroposophy, and by the rigorous public engagement that resulted from leading over a decade of programs after establishing only the 9th international dark sky park in the world in Michigan, in 2011. Since 2013 I have produced the weekly public radio segment The Storyteller’s Night Sky, and I have traveled extensively teaching a humanities-based approach to the night sky. You can find me through my website, on Facebook at The Storyteller’s Night Sky, on Instagram @starmares and Twitter @starsnstories. Member, Anthroposophical Society in America, International Dark-Sky Association.

Mary Stewart Adams

Star Lore Historian

SKY Webinar Series 2020 (Star Knowledge for the Year)