Star Lore with Mary Stewart Adams by Adam Sommer

At Vernal Equinox I had a terrific conversation with Adam Sommer, host of the podcast. Take a listen here for, well, just about everything under the stars!
Adams writes: “It is clear we need a new story. Yet, sometimes it’s an old story, perhaps one from our childhood we vaguely remember which can help us fall back into the imaginal. I recently had a conversation with the lovely Mary Stewart Adams who is a star lore historian. She is a keeper of many of these old stories. In fact, she even just wrote a book called THE STAR TALES OF MOTHER GOOSE. Remember those stories? Well, she traces them out beautifully in the night sky. Truly a remarkable feat. And in this show, we talk all about it, including spirit germs and how to look for stars in everything.”Enjoy

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