Summer Solstice in the Shadow of Eclipse with Mary Stewart Adams hosted online June 16 by Ford House

Although there are two eclipse seasons each year, it’s exceptional to have an eclipse coincident with the standing still of the Sun at its Summer Solstice time, as will occur in 2020. Though the eclipse will not be visible to us in North America, it presents us with unique history, mythology, and storytelling opportunities about the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. As described by Rudolf Steiner, the Earth exhibits a full out-breath at Summer Solstice time, and in the further research of Karl König, we can also experience a spiritual conception of the coming year now.
Join us for an online presentation of these stories and mysteries with Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams on Tuesday, June 16, scheduled in anticipation of this year’s Summer Solstice, so we can make ready.
Getting Ready for Solstice in the Shadow of Eclipse with Mary Stewart Adams
Hosted online by the Ford House
June 16, 2020
7- 8 pm