The Aim of Waking is to Dream

Summer begins officially next week, but before we get there, the messenger of the gods slips into hiding beyond the Sun, while the first heaven is flung open wide by a growing Moon. This means it’s time to heed the whispers of the merry wanderer of the night.

In plain speak, the planet Mercury will come to superior conjunction on Friday, June 14th, when the tiny planet travels to the opposite side of the Sun from us ~ this is the messenger god slipping into hiding, since we can’t see Mercury when it’s on the other side of the Sun. Astrologically, this is the time to pay attention to any messages you receive, especially those that come in dreams.

The very same day, the waxing Moon will be at apogee, the furthest place away along its path around the Earth ~ the Moon’s orbit describes the first heaven, and when it’s furthest away from us, it’s as though the first heaven is stretched open wide. The Moon is reaching and offering a hand to Mercury for parlaying messages to the Earth from the starry reaches beyond the Sun.

As it moves toward the beginning of Summer, the Sun is rising further and further North along the horizon. Tradition holds that even though the Sun is reaching higher, and daylight is growing stronger in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is the season of sleeping rather than waking. The forces of the Earth are breathed out into cosmic heights as Summer begins, taking the human soul along with them.

So as the merry wanderer Mercury slips beyond the Sun and the Moon reaches far and wide, allow yourself to be drawn on by the magic mood of fireflies and falling stars, for as ee cummings wrote, “the aim of waking is to dream.”

Sweet dreams,


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