The Amen of the Universe

With last week’s New Moon as the first of the New Year, it’s time to look at what everybody else is doing. This week my eye is on Venus, goddess of love and beauty, our morning star. Venus has emerged from the threshold of the Scorpion underworld and is now crossing through the Milky Way in the company of Mercury and Mars. By the time these three emerge in the morning light, the stars of the Milky Way have faded from view ~ day-blind stars selflessly propping up the scene.

One way to imagine this configuration of planets and stars is that the stars await our Love (Venus) and communication (Mercury) in action (Mars). In esoteric science, Mars is understood as that which inspires speech in the human being, not the content of speech, but the ability for speaking. When Mars is coupled with Mercury and Venus, it allows for imagining the kind of content that can inform the speech, like this, from the 18th century German mystic poet Novalis, who wrote:

Love works magic. It is the final purpose of the world story, the amen of the universe.

Novalis, (1772 – 1801) German mystic poet and early romanticist.

Conversely, when Venus and Mars come close to one another, closer than they are now, it was imagined by ancient astrologers that their respective energies were weakened. When these ancient lovers are close to each other, they can simply whisper, keeping their love secrets to themselves, rather than having to pronounce them across the stars for everyone to witness.

Venus and Mars will be at their closest approach to one another for the year next month, so now’s the time for taking advantage of their energies, with a commitment to loving truth in one’s speech.

Under a joyful blanket of snow in Michigan,


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