The Dragon and His Meteor Shower Overnight October 7-8, 2020

The Draconid Meteor Shower, so named because the radiant from which the stars seem to fly through the sky is in the region of the circumpolar constellation Draco, reaches peak activity overnight tonight, October 7-8, 2020.
The circumpolar constellations are the ones that never set below the horizon in the northern hemisphere, and they include two bears, a king, a queen, and this dragon!
The Draconids appear to emanate from near the head region of the dragon, and have as their parent comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. Here’s some more of the science on this shower, from the American Meteor Shower Society.
And while you’re waiting to see if his meteor shower performs, here’s a fairy tale of the dragon (and his grandmother!) to keep you company, a tale in which we can imagine the three soldiers are the three members of the human being (body, soul and spirit), and which are only freed when they have conquered fear, doubt, and hatred:
Image from my friend Astrobob, in Duluth, this handy guide to finding Draco!

Happy wishing!