The Moon as Cosmic Window and Magic Mirror

This week while Venus walks hand-in-hand with the Sun through the field of summer stars and Mercury greets them at the west gate at the end of each day, the Moon takes up the task of checking in on all the other planets, not over the long course of a whole month, but all within just one week.

On Monday, June 24, 2024, the Moon emerges from the river of Milky Way stars and journeys toward Saturn for an overnight meeting Thursday, June 27th. This is a celestial conversation worth noting because Saturn is about to begin its annual retrograde motion (on June 29th), so it’s as though Moon and Saturn are conferring ahead of time, to recommit to, or remember their intentions. The retrograde of Saturn will see the ringed planet covering the same territory of stars it has been traversing since mid-March, so consider: what have I been doing since then that is now up for review?

On Friday, June 28th, the Moon will sweep past Neptune. Then on Sunday morning, June 30th, the Moon will stand at the top of a veritable stairway of planets, poised for making a grand entrance at the ball by first encountering Mars (July 1), then Uranus (July 2), and finally Jupiter (July 3, an hour before sunrise looking east).

This brings to mind the fairytale of Little Snow-White which begins with a Queen looking out a window into the great world. She longs for a child, which does in fact come, but the Queen dies and is soon replaced by a wicked Queen who, rather than looking through a window out into the world, looks only into a magic mirror that allows her to reflect on her own beauty.

The Moon this week presents itself as both a window to the cosmos and as a magic mirror ~ so that together with the Saturn retrograde, we can consider the beauty of realizing how the world and my soul are one great unity.

In the high summer season, best wishes,


This episode of The Storyteller’s Night Sky aired on Interlochen Public Radio Monday, June 24, 2024 and can be heard on podcasts everywhere, at anytime. Cover image of crescent Moon meant to support the imagination that the Moon can be both window into the greater celestial environment, and a mirror reflecting toward us all that light, illuminating us to ourselves, in love.