The Secret of the Center of the Universe

Last month the Moon performed one of its primal acts when it totally eclipsed the Sun. Then, it moved on, until overnight Sunday this week, when it returned to last month’s eclipse point. This only took 27 days, but on the Earth we don’t calculate this return as New Moon because during this same time, the Earth also moves, allowing the cosmic relationships to grow and change.

There will always be two days between this return of the Moon and its next New Phase. These two days are its “dark phase,” and if we’re attentive, it’s during this time that we can uncover certain mysteries.

At eclipse, when the physical rays of the Sun were blocked, an aura of spiritual light enveloped the environment. In the sky, the planet Venus appeared, unveiled and brilliant, a testament to the enduring nature of love despite the alteration of light and shadow.

Then this week, when the Moon wanders through its dark phase Monday and Tuesday, it will make an unseen but specific meeting with Venus, as if to further affirm this love before the next cycle begins. We won’t see this meeting, but knowing that it’s happening might allow us to touch certain secrets, as Juan Ramón Jiménez wrote:

When, with you asleep, I plunge into
. . your soul,
and I listen, with my ear
on your naked breast;
to your tranquil heart, it seems to me
that, in its deep throbbing, I surprise
the secret of the center
of the world.

. . It seems to me
that legions of angels
on celestial steeds
as when, in the height
of the night we listen, without a breath
and our ears to the earth,
to distant hoofbeats that never arrive – ,
that legions of angels
are coming through you, from afar
like the Three Kings
to the eternal birth
of our love – ,
they are coming through you, from afar,
to bring me, in your dreams,
the secret of the center
of the heavens.


 The Moon returned to the April 8 eclipse point overnight Sunday to Monday, May 5 to 6. Then in its dark phase it will meet Venus at 10:05 am Tuesday, May 7, and arrive at New Phase that night at 11:22 pm. Wednesday and Thursday the Moon will be seen moving up the “halls of Venus” between the horns of Taurus, a region ruled by the goddess of love and beauty, as shown in this image from Michigan State University Abrams Planetarium Sky Calendar.