The Seven-Year Rhythm of Biography and Saturn

It has long been held that the planet Saturn bears the element of time in its orbital rhythm, and given that it takes the ringed gas giant about 28 years to complete its orbit of the Sun, this is the rhythm used by astrologers to engage the star biography of an individual.

But it’s not just about the Saturn return every 28 years, it’s also about the “seasons” of the cycle, which, like our calendar year, expresses itself in four quarters: birth to seven years of age is the first quarter; eight to 14, second; 15 to 21, third; and finally, the fourth quarter from ages 22 to 28; then Saturn returns and the cycle begins again.

During the fourth year of every cycle, a turning point is reached, when critical decisions are made. The seventh or final year can be imagined as the seed year, when the consequences of actions and decisions in the whole cycle are potentized as seed for the coming cycle.

For a quick contemplation, think of it this way:

The first year of every cycle is the root.

2nd year ~ sprouting

3rd year ~ leafing

4th year ~ bud

5th year ~ blossom

6th year ~ fruit

7th year ~ seed

There’s much, much more, but for now, here is a glorious milkweed in the sunset on the shores of Lake Michigan where I captured her, casting her seed to the carefree winds.

To the good work!