Understanding the Seasonal Star Picture in Anticipation of the Great Conjunction

At Winter Solstice 2020, the planets Jupiter and Saturn will come to their once-every-20 years Great Conjunction, a rare celestial event celebrated by artists and scientists through the ages as an auspicious hallmark of an age, heralding both karmic fulfillment and unique opportunity.

The following webinar was hosted in lieu of our in-person gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico, given the unprecedented nature of events that unfolded around the world throughout the new year and on into Spring. The planning for this event started in September 2019, with the conscious intention of engaging the set up in planets in March 2020 as a way to prepare for the coming Great Conjunction. The nature of events that have ensued since our planning began lends an air of urgency to developing an awareness of and within the celestial cycle ~ to learn the language that the natural world is speaking to us through its rhythmic course.

When this webinar was hosted, the inner planets Mercury and Venus were reaching toward their greatest elongation from the Sun , as though creating a chalice into which the Crescent Moon could then pour the forces it had gathered from the outer planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, which it had just waned past in the morning sky ~ all of it  an annunciation of the spiritual new year that will only fully reveal itself at Winter Solstice 2020, when the Great Conjunction occurs.

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