Venus, Mars and Neptune

So Venus was married to Vulcan, but fell in love with Mars. Vulcan crafted a steely net to capture them in their affair, and stole away to give them their chance to betray him. Mars took advantage of Vulcan’s absence to lie with his lover, but they were instead trapped in the net and ridiculed by all the gods, until Neptune, god of waters, freed them. I’m sharing this tale because tonight, June 28, 2018, we will cruise the mighty fresh waters of the Great Lakes (Neptune’s domain) with Venus and Mars on opposite ends of the Straits, so it’s kind of like being in the story!

Join me for evening sky cruises with Shepler’s Ferry Service throughout the summer. Cruises depart from Mackinaw City and head west under the Mackinac Bridge into the setting Sun.

Image above: “Venus between Mars and Neptune” by Gian Battista Zelotti in 1555.