Weekend Workshop with Mary Stewart Adams in Santa Fe, NM ~Encountering the Celestial Goddess Anthroposophia

Registration is now open for this terrific event in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Spring Equinox, 2020, planned in anticipation of this year’s rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Workshop details and registration link here!

Restoring the mythic grandeur of being human and knowing the stars is a dynamic and healing way to engage with our place in history. In this weekend workshop, we will follow the human striving to know the stars as expressed in the art and science of ages, so as to better engage with one another and our environments going forward.

Artistic activity, lectures, shared meals, play as catharsis, all unfolding under the starry skies of the American Southwest as the Sun achieves it moment of balance and the planets stage a brilliant morning sky show.

Join me, and please help spread the word!

The more abundantly the harmony of the cosmos fills the soul, the more peace and harmony there will be on the earth.~Rudolf Steiner