What to watch now the Moon has come Full!

Here are some of the upcoming celestial events you want to watch for, and some poetry, art, and history to help you ascend the silver ladder of the Moon to the land of the singing sky, so you’ll have something to offer the Queen who holds court at the fountain of dew:

Full Moon Tuesday, May 29 at 10:20 am edt. I call this the Godiva Moon, and you can find more of the story here!

Sunday, June 3, waning gibbous Moon sweeps past Mars in the morning sky, looking SSE into the dawn. Mars is quickly leaning in on the Earth, and will come even closer than it did in 2013 by the time we get to the end of July this year, when it will rise up in the east as the at Sun sets in the west, accompanied by the Thunder Moon that will have just emerged from Earth’s shadow. Join me for my evening cruise on the Straits of Mackinac to learn all about it!

Venus is playing “catch me if you can” with the Twins Castor and especially Pollux on June 10 to 14 in the evening sky, looking west an hour after sunset.

Spring’s last New Moon arrives at 3:43 pm on Wednesday, June 13th, and will spend the next few nights clamoring after Venus, where she walks in beauty, like the night…

Friday, June 15, the beautiful crescent Moon steps onto the evening stage with Venus, where she has moved slightly on from her dalliance with the immortal twin, Pollux. Best seen an hour after sunset, in the west.

On Sunday evening, June 17, the crescent Moon tiptoes toward the heart star Regulus, while Venus gathers honey from the beehive cluster of stars at the center of the constellation Cancer. One hour after sunset, looking west ~ the Moon will be just right of Regulus; the Beehive Cluster will not be visible to the naked eye, you must just know it is there.

Thursday, June 21st at 6:07 am edt the Sun reachest its highest hour and comes to its Solstice moment, standing still as guardian of the day, while the starry crown, Corona Borealis, adorns the night. Note that the Sun will rise at 5:51 am, just 15 minutes before it “stands still” 

In this the sun’s high hour it rests
With you to understand these words of wisdom:
Surrendered to the beauty of the world,
Be stirred with new-enlivened feeling;
The human I can lose itself
And find itself within the cosmic I.

v. 11, Calendar of the Soul, Rudolf Steiner

June 21 to 24, as the waxing gibbous races to the other side of the sky from the Sun, I’ll be hanging out at Photostock with Bill Schwab and some other amazingly talented folks! Click here for more info on that event.

Don’t miss my first evening sky cruise of the season along the magnificent Straits of Mackinac (where the great lakes meet) with Shepler’s Ferry Service, Thursday, June 28! We leave the Mackinaw City dock and head west toward the setting Sun over Lake Michigan, while the nearly Full Moon guards the “backspace” rising in the east over Lake Huron with ringed planet Saturn in its wake, and the mighty Mackinac Bridge drapes elegantly across the space between them. An unparalleled experience!