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The Role of Venus in the Current Cosmos

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An Online Webinar with Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams, Eurythmist Lynn Stull, and Artist Patricia DeLisa

Friday, May 22, 2020
7:30-9 pm eastern daylight time
(timed to the Mercury/Venus conjunction and New Moon)

The year 2020 is proving itself to be remarkable. There is a global stirring. Forces seen and unseen are at play all around the world, and in our celestial environment as well. In January, Saturn and Pluto made a once-every-39 years meeting, together with Sun, Moon, and Mercury, which is being followed by three meetings of Jupiter with Pluto throughout the year. The planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn graced the morning sky in March, when the waning crescent Moon swept by, at Equinox. All of this will be followed at Winter Solstice with the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, a once-every-20 years event that has been regarded throughout history as the hallmark of an era.

As though weaving these cosmic threads together is the planet Venus, our brilliant evening star. In June 2020, Venus will complete its eight-year cycle, culminating in a retrograde loop that results in the sublime formation of a pentagram, which the planet of love and beauty began weaving around the Earth at its Transit of the Sun in 2012.

What can all of this mean, and how do we engage?

You are invited to join Star Lore Historian Mary Stewart Adams, Eurythmist Lynn Stull, and Artist Patricia DeLisa on Friday, May 22 for a webinar presentation designed to lift up our sense of the times we are in to the stars, to engage with their greater harmony, and to understand our part as a humanity within it.