What’s Up with the Moon this Week?

Besides the beautiful apparition of Venus and Jupiter in the morning sky this week, the thing that will undoubtedly be most talked about is the coming Total Eclipse of the Moon, which will be visible across the United States, reaching maximum totality in the midnight hour of the eastern time zone.

And since you can get details on how to view the eclipse just about anywhere these days, I’d like to talk about some of the other stuff the Moon is doing, because it’s pretty interesting, and can help us live through the sensation of one-hit wonders like the super duper wolf blood moon eclipse!

On the very first day of 2019, the Moon was a crescent sliver in the morning sky, near the planet Venus. At the end of this year, in December, the Moon will be a crescent sliver in the evening sky,  also near Venus, but positioned such that it will look like Venus is sitting in the chalice of the Moon. This celestial configuration was known in the mystery schools to be the sign of the Holy Grail. So, we could imagine the Grail Mystery is the lunar signature that opens and closes this new year.

Two months from now there will be a Full Moon on March 20th. Because of the Earth’s precession, the Spring Equinox will happen on March 20th this year, not the 21st, so this will be the first Full Moon of the Spring, and because it’s just a few hours after Equinox, it allows enough time for there to be four Full Moons in the Spring.

So Think about it: there are three months in every season, and typically one Full Moon per month. But on occasion, the Moon slips into a rhythm where it will come Full four times before one season of three months has passed ~ and that’s what will happen this year. In the old school tradition, that means we will have a True Blue Moon, on May 19th ~ a situation much more rare than even a super Moon eclipse! 

This year there will be a Super Moon eclipse in January, a true blue Moon in May, and the Moon will cup Venus in its chalice at the year’s end, a symbol of the Holy Grail symbol in mystery school traditions.

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