Jupiter’s opposition and destiny

Jupiter comes to its annual opposition with the Sun this week, a king among gods, who’s appearing these nights as though he were stepping into the southern tray of the scales in the constellation Libra, where we find the bright star Zubenelgenubi. Such a set up begs for a tale, so here’s one: 

Jupiter steps in the southern tray of the Libra scales at its opposition, as shown in this image from earthsky.org

“Long ago there lived a rich merchant who, besides possessing more treasures than any king in the world, had in a his great hall three chairs, one of silver, one of gold, and one of diamonds. But his greatest treasure of all was his only daughter, who was called Catherine.

“One day Catherine was sitting in her own room when suddenly the door flew open, and in came a tall and beautiful woman holding in her hands a little wheel.

“‘Catherine,’ she said, going up the the girl, ‘which would you rather have~a happy youth or a happy old age?’”

It turns out that this tall and beautiful woman was Catherine’s destiny, and because Catherine decided she would rather bear trouble now and have her happily ever after later, her circumstances took a dramatic fairy tale turn, and she lost everything. Catherine had to wander through the world for years, seeking to be of service to others. But every time she found a suitable position, her destiny appeared, destroyed everything, and chased Catherine away. 

This fate hounded Catherine for years, until finally things settled, and her mistress encouraged Catherine to ask destiny whether it was time for her happy old age to begin. “Oh, my poor girl,” responded her mistress’ destiny,  “Know you not your Destiny lies buried under seven coverlids, and can hear nothing? But if you will come to-morrow I will bring her with me.’

“And after Catherine had gone her way her lady’s Destiny went to find her sister, and said to her, ‘Dear sister, has not Catherine suffered enough? It is surely time for her good days to begin?’

“And the sister answered, ‘To-morrow you shall bring her to me, and I will give her something that may help her out of her need.’

“The next morning Catherine set out earlier than usual for the mountain, and her lady’s Destiny took the girl by the hand and led her to her sister, who lay under the seven coverlids. And her Destiny held out to Catherine a ball of silk, saying, ‘Keep this–it may be useful some day;’ then pulled the coverings over her head again.”

Catherine could hardly believe was apt recompense for all she had suffered. But then, it was announced that the king would marry, and the tailors had run out of thread for the fine wedding clothes.  A great reward was being offered to anyone who could produce the thread in the exact color needed. It was determined that the reward would be the thread’s weight in gold. 

But King Jupiter himself stepping into the starry scales of Libra this week is a clue to the true outcome for dear Catherine, and for all of us who seek happily ever after.

Click here Catherine and Her Destiny to find out how the mysteries of destiny unfold, and below is my weekly radio segment on the same, with one more clue! When you go out to see King Jupiter where he steps into the scales tonight, don’t forget to look straight up overhead, where the seven stars of the Big Dipper are like a beacon, under which Destiny lies asleep until we call!