Hindsight is 2020

By Friday this week we’ll all be able to look back with hindsight on 2020, and in the world of the Storyteller’s Night Sky, that means looking at what the planets and stars have been up to.

In esoteric star knowledge, the Moon, Mercury and Venus are the destiny determining planets, while Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are the liberating planets ~ they give us freedom. Between them all stands the Sun, creating harmony.

Mercury is the messenger of destiny, and on 11.11 in 2019, Mercury made a rare transit of the Sun. Not along after, the novel coronavirus, Covid 19, was first identified.

Then there’s Venus, which takes eight years to complete its cycle. Eight years ago was 2012, when Venus made its rare transit of the Sun and the Mayan calendar ended. Venus makes five retrograde loops over these eight years, which creates a pentagram around the Earth, so Venus gathering solar fire in 2012, and completed its first pentagram since then this year in June.

How about the Moon? It met the Sun at Summer Solstice and cast a shadow from the Sun in its highest estate.

As for the liberating planets, Mars made its once-every-two-years retrograde this year and for awhile was brighter than Jupiter!

Last week’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn can be imagined as a portal opening in this space and time for new impulses to flood in.

But don’t forget, there was comet Neowise, bringing a spontaneous exclamation to an already superlative year, and also the star Betelgeuse, which exhibited an unusually rapid dimming at the onset of the year, as though the giant was trying to make us all aware that it’s time for us to bear the burden of being divine for awhile.

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Happy New year everybody! Thanks for joining me in this journey to the stars!


Pictured above: The Horae (Hours) were the goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time. They preside over the revolutions of the constellations through the heavens, which allow for measuring the year, and their three sisters, the Moirae spin the web of fate.