Star Lore, Anthroposophy, and Astrology

I recently had the best time chatting with Tahnee Taylor from Australia for the SuperFeast podcast, which you can check out at this link: Star Lore, Anthroposophy and Astrology

Notes from their site:

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another; A wise man named Plato once said. Mary Stewart Adams has been on a journey of star communication and celestial wonder for what seems like her entire life. A star lore historian, leading dark sky advocate, author, and astrologist who weaves the esoteric knowledge of spiritual science, literature, ancient mythologies, and fairy tales into contemporary astronomy and astrosophy star wisdom. Mary’s relationship with the stars is more than a personal journey; It’s a quest to inspire others to know and understand the stars in a way that strengthens what it means to be a human living in the 21st Century. In what feels like an other-worldly conversation, Tahnee and Mary weave their way through Egyptian/Greek mythology, Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of anthroposophy, astronomy, and fairytales, all of which are threads in man’s eternal relationship with the stars. It’s not every day you get to listen to someone like Mary speak; her words will leave you longing for a deeper awareness of the constellations above. Her understanding as a star lore historian and unique expression of this ancient knowledge is truly something divine. Enjoy ~

“We can describe our environment as everything that we can see, and we can see as far as the Andromeda galaxy without the use of the telescope. And so all of it is our environment, and it belongs to us, then we belong to it. So even though we can see it’s far away from us, finding the stars reveals something deeply intimate to being human.” ~ Mary Stewart Adams