The 7th Night of the 7th Moon and the Meeting of Worlds

Calendars are like mighty time machines, into which sacred mysteries are hidden.  To unveil the mysteries tucked into our systems of time keeping requires bold study and rich imagination, and the willingness to dream into the cultural traditions of ages to find what endures.

Just such a mystery is upon us this week, instigated by the 7th Moon in the Chinese tradition (August 11), and followed by seven sacred days leading up to First Quarter (August 18), which is described as the 7th Night of the 7th Moon. If you want to take up your own study and activity toward this mystery, here is the sequence of days to be aware of (I recommend you do one thing each day ~ origami, gathering flowers, placing intention into the setting Sun ~ that is an act of preparing for what dreams may come when the 7th night arrives):

August 11 New Moon 5:49 am edt ~ this is the 7th Moon in the Chinese calendar. The seven nights from this New Moon to its First Quarter on August 18 can be likened to the sacred steps that mark the final approach to the place of meeting between the worlds, and is described as the once-every-year meeting of the Weaving Princess and the Cowherd across the Milky Way of stars

Image of this week’s waxing Crescent Moon from Sky and Telescope

August 12 The Perseid Meteor Shower, underway for several weeks, comes to its peak this night ~ as though building the bridge for the lovers to meet

August 14 Crescent Moon will meet Venus, goddess of love and beauty, in the western sky after sunset

August 15 Feast of the Divine Feminine also known as the Feast of the Assumption  ~ time to read the fairy tale of the 12 Dancing Princesses

August 17 Crescent Moon meets Jupiter in the southwestern sky ~ this marks the 7th night of the 7th Moon, the most romantic night of the year in the Chinese tradition, as Moon approaches the thickest part of the Milky Way and all true lovers chance upon their love!

August 18 First Quarter Moon occurs at 3:49 am edt

August 19 The planet Mercury turns direct at 12:25 am edt, just after midnight, bearing our messages to the great starry beyond!

Assumption by Correggio, c. 1530


The more abundantly the harmony of the cosmos fills the soul,

the more peace and harmony there will be on the Earth.

~ Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)