In preparation for the unveiling of the goddess at Total Solar Eclipse ~ December 14, 2020

On December 14, 2020, a Total Solar Eclipse will occur, casting its shadow across South America and unveiling the planet Venus in broad daylight, when she would otherwise be clothed with the Sun.
The following is designed to support a rhythmic preparation beginning now, in October 2020, for receiving the goddess at her unveiling in December. The work and research included here assumes a familiarity with Anthroposophy, though such a study is not prerequisite to getting involved.

For many years I have worked with the image of Christian Rosenkreutz’ consequent yet unintentional unveiling of Venus on Day Five of The Chymical Wedding, especially in relation to the Transit Cycle of Venus from June 2004 to June 2012 ~ what does it mean to unveil the goddess of love and beauty? And is this, at last, a demonstration of how to reverse the ancient admonition regarding the goddess Isis and her veil?

Then, in August 2017, during the Great American Eclipse that swept across the continent from sea to shining sea, it occurred to me that one of the most pronounced experiences during an eclipse is that Venus becomes visible in broad daylight. Usually clothed with the Sun by day, this goddess suddenly steps into full view, even before totality is achieved.  To be clear, Venus is bright enough that she can occasionally be seen when the Sun is also in the sky ~ just before the Sun has set, or even just after it has risen ~ but we will only ever see Venus fully unveiled in broad daylight and well above a few degrees of the horizon when there is a Total Solar Eclipse.

At such a moment, Venus is as though born, as in Botticelli’s image above. Zephyrus blows her to shore where she is greeted, even anticipated, by one of three Horae, the Hours of ancient mythology. To me this suggests that it takes time for us to receive this divine feminine into our space, and it is out of this that I have prepared the following dates, in order that we may contemplate, create, and plan for how to receive the goddess when she is unveiled at the December 2020 eclipse.

(NOTE: the Total Solar Eclipse path will fall over South America, and will not be visible from North America. Nonetheless, such a celestial phenomena still weaves into our experience of being).

1. Waning Crescent Moon meets Venus in the morning sky ~ October 13 and 14, rising 3.5 hours before sunrise

Mars (still in retrograde) opposes Venus November 9 (look for Mars setting in the West just as Venus rises in the East). At such a time, the soul language of a people can be deepened (see Spiritual Individualities of the Planets, Rudolf Steiner).

The Northern Taurids peak overnight November 11-12 (note: Venus rules Taurus)

2. Waning Crescent Moon meets Venus in the morning sky ~ November 12

3. Waning Crescent Moon meets Venus in the morning sky  ~ December 11 & 12

4. Total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020

Between the onset of the eclipse at 8:35 am eastern time and totality at 11:13 am, Venus is gradually unveiled. Maximum totally is only 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

So, what are we to do with these dates? In addition to planning your viewing spot to see Venus in the morning sky, you could also do spontaneous, artistic ceremony each month, especially in synch with her three meetings with the waning Crescent Moon between now and the eclipse.

Why the three-month rhythm? There are three Horae, who, we can imagine, weave the cloak to receive the unveiled Venus; there are three calls to the Human Soul in the Foundation Stone Meditation; the human being is three-fold in nature, as a being of body, soul, and spirit; and there are three Eves that sound out through the Holy Nights (Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and 12th Night, or Eve of Epiphany ~ see below). Rose petals cast to the wind; golden threads woven as a necklace; every and all things that stir the heart with love and beauty in relation to Venus as Feminine Divine.

From now until December, I will host a series of programs designed to support rhythmic engagement with Venus and the Moon in the morning sky, as a way to create the cloak to receive the unveiled goddess at the December 14 eclipse over Argentina. These programs will serve as preparation for my Holy Nights webinar, Tuesday, December 8, from 7-9 pm eastern time. You are welcome to join any or all of the preparatory programs for free (registration information below). The Holy Nights webinar is $45 and will include a recording of the session, plus contemplation materials for working with the feminine divine through the Holy Nights 2020-21, especially designed in anticipation of Venus’ unveiling at eclipse until her next meeting with the Sun on March 25, 2021 (Feast of Annunciation).

To register for the Holy Nights webinar December 8, 2020 click here to email me your interest.

In anticipation of the Orionid Meteor Shower, October 17 register with Little Traverse Conservancy at this link

The Feast of the Holy Relics, November 10 with Great Lakes Branch of the Anthroposophical Society sign up here to get Zoom link via email

Night Sky Narrative with Little Traverse Conservancy November 11, register here

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Soon will the noble stranger come, and Time

His endless reign begin: The warmth return!

The Queen will waken from the sway of Dream

When Earth and Sea, enjoined by Love, are one.

Once Fable has her ancient right reclaimed

The cold of Night from all this realm will leave:

In Freya’s womb, the World awake enflamed,

And every lover chance upon his love.
(from Novalis’ great fairy tale)

With reverence,

Mary Stewart Adams

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