When We Go Into the Dark ~ Humanity and the Dark Sky for International Dark Sky Week, April 19-26, 2020

Each year during the week of April’s New Moon, International Dark Sky Week is observed and celebrated around the world. Designed to raise awareness about the tremendous impact on our environment of the way we use artificial light at night, the week-long observance is also meant to support star gazing and to enrich cultural awareness through the science, art, and storytelling of ages.

In October 2019, I was honored to serve as Dark Sky Artist-In-Residence at the Playa in Summer Lake, Oregon, which included participating in Rick Rülf’s amazing documentary “When We Go Dark.”

You can watch the trailer here:

And you can join Friday night, April 24, 2020 for a premier screening of the whole documentary on Zoom at this link.

Please consider donating to Rick’s work at his website, and to the International Dark Sky Association.

We are the stars that shine,