Quarantining in the Moonlight

The Moon is waning through the morning sky this week, acting like an emotional tuning fork as she moves past Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

In astrological tradition, the ever-changing Moon is related to instinctive and reactive behavior, and, most significantly, to the feeling life of the human being. Whenever the Moon is making a particular aspect in the horoscope of an individual, it revs up the emotions, making us all a bit, well, looney.

So what’s the Moon telling us now, after so many weeks of quarantine?

On Tuesday night, the Moon will meet up with Pluto, and just a couple hours later, with Jupiter. Astrologically, Pluto and the Moon can mean intense emotions, and you want to watch out for obsessive thoughts. Fortunately, this intensity is followed by the Moon’s meeting with the great Santa Claus of the sky, Jupiter, which is usually interpreted as a time when good feelings rule the roost, with generosity, tolerance, and kindness.

On Wednesday morning, the Moon will be reflecting less light our way when she meets up with Saturn. Unlike Jupiter, which wants to expand the positive aspects in the feeling life, Saturn wants to contain and confine them. Saturn and Moon tend toward feelings of loneliness and isolation, so you just want to be sure you don’t get caught thinking that things are worse than they actually are.

Then comes the Moon’s dance with Mars, Thursday morning. When you pack your feeling life in with the god of aggression, it’s easy to get irritable, so watch out for hastiness and impulsive behavior, but also, take note that Thursday is a great time to take initiative ~ you’ll feel best doing something when Moon and Mars are arm in arm.

For a good listen, catch Radio Lab’s 2013 episode of Liev Schrieber reading Italo Calvino’s “The Distance of the Moon.” It’s a great way to pass the time in quarantine without going loony.

Hear this episode of the Storyteller’s Night Sky on Interlochen Public Radio.


ps image above from sky&telescope